92 people Died after undergoing Torture in Assad’s Prisons in Only One Week!


The human rights office of the Syrian Revolution Coordinators Union has documented the death of 92 detainees under torture during one week in Assad’s prisons.
The Pro-Syrian regime militias killed 81 people this week in Homs and its surrounding countryside, these people had been arrested earlier by the regime security check points which exist in the zones which are ruled by the regime.
 The majority of these detainees were tortured in security prisons in Damascus, which has killed thousands of detainees in recent years.
Among the 92 detainees who lost their lives,4 of them were from Daraa ,3 were from Damascus and its surrounding countryside, 2  were from Hama, there was1 from Aleppo, and 1 from Deir ez-Zor. 
The zones which are ruled by the regime witness tens of arbitrary detention cases on a daily basis where it’s difficult to document these cases by using the detainee’s name because it can cause further torture to the detainee or may possibly cause harm to his family in addition to kidnapping cases which are carried out by pro-Syrian regime sectarian gangs, as they may use the kidnapped detainees as hostages in order to achieve material or military  gains or transfer them to the regime prisons. 
It is worth mentioning that more than 20,000 people have been killed after undergoing torture by the Assad regime’s militias since the start of the freedom revolution in March 2011. 
The following are the names of people who died after undergoing torture during the past week:



1- Ahmed Tayseer Aldrouby- Alkaryateen
2-Ahmed AbdelKhalik Alamoory-Alkaryateen 
3-Ahmed Mohamed Alaleewy -Alkaryateen
4-Ahmed Marawan Albakeer-Alkaryateen
5-Ahmed Nayif Shahoud Al Ibrahim-Alkaryateen
6-Ayman Khidr Alasoora-Alkaryateen 
7-Borhan Rateb Alshobak-Alkaryateen 
8-Gamal Khalid Aldafees-Alkaryateen 
9-Hassan Khalid Alkanwa-Alkaryateen 
10-Hassan Abdou Alsabra-Alkaryateen 
11-Daham Mohamed Talal Alabeid-Alkaryateen 
12-Riyad Khalid Alsoweis-Alkaryateen
13-Samer Mohamed Aziz-Alkaryateen 
14-Sakhr Nayif Kashooa-Alkaryateen 
15-Salah Ibrahim Alshaheen-Alkaryateen 
16-Adel Ahmed Alsallama-Alkaryateen
17-AbdelKareem Ahmed Alsaad-Alkaryateen
18-AbdAllah Mohamed Alsaleeby-Alkaryateen
19-Oday Waleed Alfares-Alkaryateen
20-Alaa SalahAldin Khalid-Alkaryateen
21-Emad Kassem Aldokhan-Alkaryateen 
22-Emad Waleed Alfares-Alkaryateen
23-Firas Ali Alarky-Alkaryateen
24-Kassem Ziyad Alkhatib-Alkaryateen 
25-Kinan AbdelLatif Alsaleeby-Alkaryateen 
26-Mohamed Akram Aldarwish-Alkaryateen 
27-Mohamed Rateb AbouGalioun-Alkaryateen 
28-Mohamed AbdelRahman Alabeid-Alkaryateen
29-Mohamed EmadAldin Alfaris-Alkaryateen
30-Mohamed Eisa AlHaseen-Alkaryateen 
31-Mohamed Mohamed Sayeed Alfaris-Alkaryateen 
32-Mohamed Mousa Alfayhan-Alkaryateen 
33-Mahmoud Ghassan Almashlib-Alkaryateen 
34-MohyeeAldin Ahmed AlabdAllah-Alkaryateen 
35-Madyan Khalid KheirAllah-Alkaryateen 
36-Mostafa EmadAldin Alfaris-Alkaryateen 
37-Makram Ghassan Alkatash-Alkaryateen 
38-Mansour Ali Alderouby-Alkaryateen 
39-Mohannad Nidal Alarandas-Alkaryateen 
40-Hisham AbdelRaheem Alyasoof-Alkaryateen 
41-Hisham Fawaz Alasoora-Alkaryateen 
42-Ward Omar Alfaris-Alkaryateen 
43-Yazin Marawan Albakeer-Alkaryateen 
44-Ahmed Omar Bakoor-Moheen 
45-Ahmed Mohamed Aldaeef-Moheen 
46-Ayman Mohamed Alshalaby-Moheen 
47-Bahgat Khalid Hamada-Moheen 
48-Khalid Ahmed Alkasim-Moheen 
49-Sayeed Mohamed Sayeed Alshalaby-Moheen 
50-AbdelRaheem Mohamed Bakour-Moheen 
51-Ali Hussein Alshawy-Moheen 
52-Ali Saoud Awad-Moheen 
53-Ahd Mohamed Faroun-Moheen 
54-Ghassan Mahmoud Alkadour-Moheen 
55-Kamal Mostafa Al Ibrahim-Moheen 
56-Mohamed Hamady Alhamada-Moheen 
57-Mohamed Fahmy AlEzzAldin-Moheen 
58-Mohamed Sobhy Kadour-Moheen 
59-Mahmoud Sobhy Alshawy-Moheen 
60-Waleed Mahmoud Hamada-Moheen 
61-Ahmed Mohamed Aldoud-Hiwarein 
62-Tawfeek Youssef Alsallama-Hiwarein 
63-Khalid Kheiro Alnifra-Hiwarein
64-Raslan Ghazy Alsallama-Hiwarein 
65-Rafik Ahmed Alsallama-Hiwarein 
66-Shafy Kheiro Alnifra-Hiwarein 
67-Salah Kassem Alnifra-Hiwarein 
68-Adel Ahmed Alsallama-Hiwarein 
69-Abdou Morshid Alzaby-Hiwarein 
70-Omar Mostafa Sawan-Hiwarein 
71-AttahAllah Kassem Agoub-Hiwarein 
72-Mohamed Fahmy AlEzzAldin-Moheen 
73-Mohamed Ahmed Almofrig-Hiwarein 
74-Mohamed Mahmoud Abousamra-Hiwarein 
75-Mohamed AbdelRahman Faroun-Hiwarein 
76-Mohannad Samir Aldoud-Hiwarein 
77-Ali Fayad AlAziz 
78-Shady Fawzy Alantar 
79-Mohamed Iyad Sherif Alhasoon 
80-Alshahid Ali Alsalk-Tadmor 
81-Alshahid Wael Mohamed Khansar-Wadi Alarab District

1-Fawaz Motlak Alkhatib, 70 years (Diraa countryside-Alyadouda)
2-Anas Khalaf Alribaee (Diraa countryside-Naseeb)
3-Ibrahim Khalaf Alribaee (Diraa countryside-Naseeb)
4-Maher Ayman Alshalaby (Diraa countryside-Eastern Alkark)

1-2 martyrs (document is classified due to the threat to their families)
3-The Martyr:Obeida Almihtar (Damascus countryside-Harsta)

2 martyrs died after torture (document is classified due to the threat to their families)

1-Ahmed Mostafa Aldk-Mangh

Deir ez-Zour:
1-Tarek Ibrahim Alalawy-Almohsen

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