4 disfigured babies, and more than 70 miscarriages in Maadameya Alsham as a result of chemical weapons


 Even though one year and 4 months have passed since the chemical weapon attack by Assad’s regime at the expense of civilians in Eastern and Western Ghouta in Damascus, which killed more than 1400 civilians, but the effects of this crime are obvious till now.

On 26 of this month, Maadameya Alsham, one of the cities that were targeted with this weapon, witnessed the birth of the fourth disfigured baby, after a C-section operation was performed on a woman who lived through the siege and witnessed the chemical attack with her husband. Her baby arrived in the world disfigured and died shortly after he was born. In addition to recording 70 cases of miscarriages for parents who were exposed to the chemical attack in Maadameya Alsham by Assad’s regime.
This chemical attack occurred while the world stood silent and did nothing to stop the crimes committed by Assad’s regime. The civilians in Syria are still living through the tragedy until now. 


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