512Massacres Committed by Assad’s Regime in Syria Last Year


The Human Rights office of the Syrian Revolution coordinators Union has documented 512 massacres in 2014 had committed by the Assad's regime and its militias which killed 23599 civilians, among them 3481 children and more than 1817 women.

The Assad's regime committed:

- 220 massacres caused by explosive barrels, 165 among them in Aleppo.

- 143 massacres caused by warplanes shelling, 39 among them in Rural Damascus.

- 53 massacres caused by artillery shelling, 24 among them in Rural Damascus.

- 42 massacres caused by rocket shelling, 13 among them in Rural Damascus.

- 32 massacres caused by field execution, 8 among them in Homs.

And the regime also committed 8 massacres by car bombs.

The massacre that was committed in Raqa by 8 raids done on 25 November by the regime's warplanes is considered the biggest massacre in the last year as it killed 221 people according to the National Hospital in the city


These raids targeted Al-Mosroda’ Al-Asfar, north Raqqa, Haret Al-Swahin in the north-east of the city, and they also targeted AL-Hani Mosque area which is crowded with civilians which resulted in the fall of the mosque’s minaret.

The raids also targeted Al-Mashlab neighborhood and the museum area down town the city.  

Aleppo city witnessed most of the massacres with 205 one that killed more than 2591 civilians. Whereas the Ferdous neighborhood massacre is considered the biggest one which was caused by the regime's airplanes on 20 April last year by shelling the crowded markets area in the neighborhood with 2 explosive barrels which killed 85 civilians.


Damascus city and its countryside witnessed more than 85 massacres, the biggest one was in Doma which was on 11 September 2014 and caused by 6 raids with steric missiles which killed 61 civilians and injured more 170 which resulted in great destruction in the city and the burning of 4 blocks, the same city witnessed the biggest number of massacres among Rural Damascus with 26 massacres done by Assad's regime.


In Idleb the regime committed 57 massacres, 38 among them with warplane shelling, the biggest among them was the massacre which took place in the 1st day of Ramadan (29 June 2014) by shelling the Sabe' Bahrat square downtown Salqin city in rural Idleb while civilians were gathering for groceries shopping right before the Iftar, which killed 29 people, in addition to tens of injuries.


Assad's regime also committed 55 massacres in Daraa, 25 among them with explosive barrels shelling; the biggest one among them was the one that took place in Nemer town on 15 August 2014 after el-Joma' prayer by car bomb which killed 25 civilians and wounded tens.


In Homs, the regime committed 42 massacres, 12 among them with artillery shelling; the biggest one among them was the one which took place in sieged Wa'ar neighborhood on 16 December 2014 by targeting it with 15 airplanes and warplanes raids which killed 36 civilians and wounded more than 70. 


And in Hama the regime committed 28 massacres, 9 among them with explosive barrels shelling.


In Deir el Zor, the regime committed 16 massacres, 14 among them with warplane shelling; the biggest one was the one that took place in Mohasan town on 21 June 2014 by 6 warplanes raids one of them targeted council consolation which killed more than 14 civilians in Al-Bosid neighborhood.

The Assad's regime also committed 13 massacres in Raqa, whereas he along with its militants committed 9 massacres in Haska, 5 among them caused by field execution, in addition to one massacre in each of Qunaitra and Latakia.

Massacres by other parties:

ISIS had committed 26 massacres in Syria, 13among them in Aleppo, 7 in Deir el Zor, 2 in Idlib, 2 in Rural Damascus and one in each of Raqa and Haska.

The Human Rights office had also documented 9 massacres done by anonymous parties, 5 among them in Aleppo, 2 in Idlib, and one in each of Deir el Zor and Homs.

The international coalition had also committed 3 massacres; one in each of Idleb, Deir el Zor and Haska.

Other Massacres Committed by Assad's Regime in 2014:

We can't cover all the massacres that were committed by the regime in this report but we will mention the most important ones that we didn’t mention before..

Ain Galout School Massacre:

The students of Ain Galout School in Eastren Ensari neighborhood in Aleppo didn’t know that the fair that took a month of preparing that Assad's planes were waiting for it; as on 9 A.M 30 April 2014 the warplanes targeted the school with homing which killed 22 civilians among them 19 children and more than 60 injuries in addition to the destruction of 60% of the school.

Al-Hayat School Massacre- Al-Qabon:


This massacre took place on 12.30 P.M 15 November 2014 by targeting the primary school which killed 15 children and caused tens of injuries.

Filed Execution in Zara city :


Zara city in rural Homs witnessed filed execution operation after the regime's militants took charge of the city as 37 civilians were killed on 8 March 2014 and 17 civilians on 15 March 2014 in addition to execution of 8 civilians on 28 April 2014.

It's worth mentioning that the majority of these city residents are Syrian Turks.

Abdin Camp Massacre:


The regime's warplanes targeted Abdin  refugee camp in southern rural of Idleb with 2 explosive barreles which killed 18 refuges and made a lot of the refuges leave the camp which contains more than 200 tents for refugees from Northern rural of Hama.

Arbin Market Massacre:

On 9 November 2014, the regime's forces shelled the popular market downtown Arbin city in Eastern Gohuta in rural Damascus with several raids which killed 30 civilians and more than 100 injuries.

Al-Bab Bakery Massacre:

The regime's airplanes threw an explosive container in front of one of the city bakries in Al-Makateb street downtown the city on 18 September 2014 ,which killed more than 55 civilians as the explosive container has twice the explosive materials that the explosive barrel has.


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