blood week in Aleppo


Nine massacres and nearly 200 martyrs in Aleppo during the last week of April


The human rights office of the Union of documented Tenseekiet revolution commit the Assad regime and its militias 9 massacres in the city of Aleppo during the last week of April / April 2016, during a barbaric campaign waged by the regime to areas controlled by the rebels in Aleppo.
And the victims of this massacre 204 civilians killed about 40 of them in massacres Bustan Palace and Kallaseh committed on April 28, 2016, as the system targeted during last week's vital centers of several in Aleppo and its countryside, Kalmchava, clinics and centers, civil defense and popular markets, committing horrific massacres against civilians and that It resulted in the exit of three medical facilities for service, and these massacres massacre Quds hospital in the neighborhood of diabetes where killed about 65 martyrs, most of the doctors working in the hospital, nurses and committed by warplanes system in the bombing of the following evening on Wednesday, April 27 / April 2016.

The human rights office and adopted in describing the massacre as the killing of five or more people are unable to defend themselves in a specific place and a specific mechanism.

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