Updated Weekly Report – Week 160 of The Syrian People Revolution



       Progress made by FSA at the coastal front, accompanied by progress made on other fronts including Aleppo, Al Quneitra and Damascus countryside.

     Assad media spreading rumors of bringing in more new foreign mercenaries from Armenia and Azerbaijan. 

     While poisonous gas was used in Harasta and Kaferzita, Assad regime threatens to use chemical weapons again in Jo’ber.

    The most important high altitude military point in Al Quneitra – Red Hills – falls into the hands of the Free Rebels, after they also destroyed Al Maghr checkpoint on Al Sheikh mountain causing severe damages and loss amongst Assad forces. 

      ISIS commits a horrific crime against the Free Rebels in Deir El Zour, and battles continue trying to free Deir El Zour airport.

    FSA are still fighting in attempt to take over Al Bokmal city.

        An attempt of stealthy penetration into Al Maliha made by HALESH (initials for Hizboulla expressing it’s relation to satanic acts rather than God, and given to the organization by Free Rebels).

        Al Sweida makes another appearance on the front lines of the revolution by opposing demonstrations taking place against the regime held by the prominent figures of Bani Ma’arof tribe, who are demanding retaliation against Wafiq Alnasser, Head of Military Intelligence.

        Syrian Coalition elects a new political assembly, excluding Michel Kilo, Fayez Sara, Moafaq Nayerabyeh, Akram Assaf, Monther Makhor, Kamal Al Labouani, Louai Safi, Abdula Basset Sida and Mona Mustafa. 

     A security altercation took place at the Al Za’atari refugees’ camp in Jordan, while further sanctions were imposed on Syrians in Lebanon, authorized by Bashar Al Assad, an ally of Lebanon and figuratively the actual ruler of the country.


And the Syrian Revolution continues into its 160th Week


May our martyrs rest in peace, and we pray for the recovery of the injured and freedom to all our captured ones.




Friday, April 11th 2014

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