The 161th week of the Syrian revolution


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The 161th week of the Syrian revolution
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.Homs under fire and siege 

 The alliance of Assad's militia uses toxic gases in Harasta, Kafarzeta and otherresistant areas in order to displace the Syrians. While some people speaks about looting the properties and homes of the displaced by Assad-Hamsho companies.

 In a pushful way to use the Syrian blood and country to collect international gains, Iranian Revolutionary Guard acknowledges that they are the reason of the steadfastness of Assad's gangs facing the revolution.

 In order to extend the rule of Assad family in Syria, Assad gangs re-inject more money to the Lebanese Alawites. While Junblat warns about disintegration of Syria if Bashar Assad re-nominated himself on the ruins of the country. the research in Lebanon continues for a compass for what was called Resistance Gun and today known as "HALESH" i.e. Hezbollah.

- Assad forces assassinate Father Frans in Homs after his humanitarian calls to ease the suffering of the besieged civilians in Homs called terrorists by Assad.

- Armenians from the Syrian Coast deny being threatened or harmed by the forces of the revolution. While Ghazal, a pro-Assad Alawite sheikh describes the Druze sect as "scum" as a result of their national mobility in Suwaida last week.

- Russia plays solo on a third string of Geneva. Which was described as "dialogue of the deaf" after the stalling and the intransigence of Assad's delegation.

- Western convection crystallized about pushing the political solution using the situation on the ground. And a small meeting of Friends of Syria next month. And some qualitative weapons already received by our heroes in FSA.

- The interim government starts taking responsibility of its tasks coinciding with the establishment of the Syrian Islamic Council and demands to name Grand Mufti. And the Coalition visits China.

- In a wooden shabby style of the Arab dictators mentality, pro-Assad Boutaflika dead or half dead is a president of Algeria again. Which may encourages Bashar Assad to rename himself a president again in an election farce or extend his term by a parliament appointed by his criminal intelligence. And the west " condemns and deplores.."

The Syrian Revolution / week 161

The mercy to our martyrs, healing to the wounded and the freedom to our detainees 

 Long live Syria proud and free

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