In Syria, we don’t have a civil war,its a popular revolution


 This revolution seeks freedom and justice, but nothing else at all, it is not targeting any group in our society.
There were some limited practices by some groups, which claimed that they are pro revolution, but later on these practices were undermined.

It was proven many times that the Syrian regime is involved by fueling the differences between Syrians to gnaw the revolution and convert it to be like a religious conflict or even a sectarian one, and this will enable the regime to mark the revolutionists as terrorists, then it would be a good justification to use the Army against them and to use all kinds of weapons including the chemical one.

The Syrian revolution adopted the peaceful demonstrations and the civilian activates to achieve its goals, and it was like that for more than a year, but after that the Syrian Regime, by its criminal policy that he adopted, forced many soldiers to defect from the Syrian Army and then to join the people, because they refused to kill the peaceful protesters, after that these defected soldiers established the Free Syrian Army to defend the civilians from the Regime attacks against the revolutionary areas, where the regime killed Civilians in their neighborhoods without any trials using the collective punishments as a policy in these areas.
The guilty of those civilians who were killed is to dare to enchant and sing against this dictatorial regime, one of the enchanters his throat was uprooted while he is alive, because he enchanted against Assad Family, some of the Syrian artists who got international awards their finger were broken by the regime because they painted some caricatures against them.
This criminal regime created a chaos and tried hard to impose a civil war among Syrians, but the awareness and the loyalty of these revolutionists were enough to stop these plans, so we can find now easily these fighters are fighting the regime in one hand, and on the other hand fighting ISIS “the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant”
Because all revolutionists believe that the Syrian Regime and the Iranian intelligence agency who created this group.
So fighting this group is a necessary need for the time being to isolate them, and this what is happening till now.
The Syrian revolution seeks a change toward a free society based on justice, and people carry weapons only to achieve that, since this regime refused to answer their demands, even if the price is to destroy the country and to kill thousands.
The war now on the ground between a regular Army and popular revolutionary armed groups.

The breaches that we have in the Syrian popular revolution could be counted easily, but the Syrian regime allies promoted them while hiding the truth of systematic terrorism against the Syrian citizens.
In the current circumstances, the changing demands still as they are in all Syrian souls, those who announced that on public or in the souls of who are still hiding that because of the fear of be being alive behind the horror walls of the dictatorial castle.
It is clear that upholding the interests of some regional countries who are Pro Assad such as Iran and Russia make the age of the revolution a long one, and increased the losses in all levels.
And of course this converts to be an armed struggle beside the civilian one.
Syrian revolutionists are still working very hard to present their case and confront this regime by all available means, and this essay by our political bureau of the Syrian Revolution Coordination Union is an example of that.
This organization “SYRCU” fueled the revolutionary movement at the beginning and still continuing to organize it, this organization lost more than third its members between killed, detainees and refugees.

We know that our revolution is not a unique one since the world witnessed several revolutions where the people carry weapons to defend themselves and their right case.
But the world never witnessed such a criminal regime neither in the past nor in the present, who cut the children bodies, raped the women, committed hundreds of massacres, and genocides before the eyes of the world.
In spite of sending hundred of thousands of pictures and videos to the world, we still feel the we are an orphan revolution who was left alone by the twenty first century humans, to face this systematic killing, not only this but the world is talking about a civil war in our country.
We are not living alone in this planet; it is for sure we will be engaged in the same future, which we hope to be a good one for all; challenges are knocking the doors of everyone.

Political bureau

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