A Statement to the Brotherly and Friendly Countries


SYRCU condemns all the countries who will allow the embassies of Al-Assad regime to conduct these farce of elections on their lands
The Syrian people will consider these actions are hostile to their just cause, to their great popular revolution, to their sacrifices and to the martyrs blood, our people didn't stop offers it , to seek freedom from this criminal regime and this dictator Bashar Hafez Al-Assad
We consider any facility or confess of these elections is a participation in shedding of the Syrian blood and dishonoring their dignity
Free Syrian government is coming, the revolution is going to its goal, to its victory, and to remove this tyranny regime, and to accountability for all criminals
We appreciate your feelings towards our people and their sacrifices, and taking good actions towards the gang who is ruling Syria with barrels and fire, killing its own people, and waiting for the International Criminal Court.

Copies of this note had been sent to 
Media, Arab Ministries of Foreign Affairs, neighbor countries of Syria and other countries with Syrian communities

Long live Syria free and proud
Mercy upon the revolution martyrs souls
Freedom for detainees and recovery for the wounded


Political Office

    تصـويت الموقع

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