The situation in Syria presents the death of the world's collective conscience


The world nations' collective conscience and the United Nations role, who failed and kept failing over two years to protect the Syrian people and the most essential human rights in this country. Assad, his family and his fellow criminals took advantage of the UN's bureaucracy to destroy Syria and commit this genocide against its people.


This bureaucracy of the UN is proved tobe ruled by the interests and benefits of the five permanent members more than it is ruled by human values and ethics. Syria was a pioneer founding member of the UN since 1945. Syria's target then was to protect the future generations of man and to give all people the right to live with dignity. What is happening today in Syria is that a whole generation of Syria's children and youth are being killed by Assad who is being protected by the Veto in the UN.


It is a disgrace on humanity not to protect the right of life for people in the 21st century. The Syrian Revolution Coordinators' Union appeal to the UN after all the injustices the Syrian people have been through to play its role in spreading the message of peace and justice by issuing a decision which permits to send Assad and his Death Squads to The International Criminal Court and force him to handover authority to the struggling Syrian people. The Syrian Revolution Coordinators' Union sees that the rules of procedures of the Security Council have disabled the UN's essential target in protecting human rights and altered it to protecting the interests and policies of the great powers, which turned the whole Syrian people into a victim and a tool of pressure in the hands of regional countries. Iran is an example of that by its desperation to obtain nuclear weapons, all the Syrian people suffered because of this Iranian desperation to keep Assad regime as a tool of pressure which brings more war and destruction to the whole region. From the current situation of the UN, The Syrian Revolution Coordinators' Union concludes that the dictator would have the right to kill his own people if he was able to provide an ally like Russia, which can protect his back in the UN by the Veto, We also concluded that the human life is not that important to the international community if this human lived in country that lacks oil and natural resources and that sacrificing human souls seeking freedom is not enough in a world dominated mostly by power. The Syrian Revolution Coordinators' Union is wondering about the Charter of the UN which Syria had agreed. Where is this UN Charter after more than a hundred thousand of Syria's youth, men, women and children killed by a criminal like Bashar Al-assad, We ask the world to declare out right to live like the American citizens, German citizens and Chinese citizens.


So how come when Assad's regime commits the most horrible crimes of genocide by chemical weapons it is all just a perspective....

The lives of innocents is all a matter of perspective. The Syrian regime is moving tens of thousands of detainees to his centres to use them human shield and the Security council is standing by the criminal against the victim.


The humanity collective conscience is dying with every dying child killed by Assads criminal regime



The Syrian Revolution Coordinators' Union
Occupied Syria, 31-08-2013


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